We are an Independent Insurance Broker, based in Kingston Surrey, with expertise in insuring business commercial risks and private individuals, their families and homes.

Our clients each benefit from our insurance knowledge and expertise which ensures that they arrange insurance protection that is suitable as well as competitively priced. It is often difficult to know how best to insure yourself, particularly if it is a company which may have many risks to insure against. Even insuring your family home requires some care and judgement, so we can help to assess accurately what you really need to insure and for how much.

Unsuitable or inadequate insurance can be very costly. We can explain the merits of a wide range of insurance policies from many different insurers. There are policies and insurers that are more suitable for some risks than others so we will offer the ones that are the most suitable to ensure each client selects an insurance policy and insurer that best serves their needs.

It is by having access to a robust and thorough insurance and risk management service that our clients feel confident that they have the right kind and level of insurance in place, that they can depend on through out the year.

Arranging your business or private insurance through a qualified insurance broker Safeway Insurance Services Ltd could actually save you time and money, whilst ensuring you have just right level of insurance protection at a competitive premium

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